Food Adventures: Oreo Snacks Taste Taste

When it comes to snacks and sweets, we have always been partial to Oreos. Cookies and cream has always been a go-to ice cream flavor, and Oreo products are always a must-have.

Interestingly enough, while we’re always up for a classic Oreo cookie, we prefer to have Oreos as a featured component in other snacks. We love making Oreo cupcakes, toss Oreos in brownie batter before baking it, and have even put Oreo pieces in our pancakes. When we find out about a new Oreo snack product, like Oreo churros, we make it our mission to find and try that snack. When we found out that Disneyland has cookies and cream bread pudding at Disney California Adventure, we found a recipe for it and made some for ourselves.

With such a love for an iconic sweet treat, we’re celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day with this taste test of as many Oreo snacks as we could find (and afford).

Oreo State Fair Cookie – Vanilla Crunch: ☆☆☆ ½/4

We’ve never had fried Oreos. We’ve wanted to try them for years, but we just never had the opportunity to try them. The Oreo State Fair Cookie is supposed to mimic the fried Oreos, so once we found out they were being sold in stores, we knew we had to try them.

The State Fair Cookie comes in two flavors with one of them being vanilla crunch. There isn’t much of a vanilla flavor from the coating, but we didn’t really expect there to be much of any. It does provide a bit of a crunch, though, but we wanted more of a crunch. However, the cookie is warmed in an oven, so it’s not a surprise the crunch is subtle. We imagine if it were actually fried, you’d get a nice crisp crunch. As for the cookie itself, it’s warm, soft, and gooey, which we love. The cookie and creme flavors meld nicely, making for a enjoyably sweet treat.

Oreo State Fair Cookie – Chocolate Crunch: ☆☆☆/4

The other flavor of Oreo State Fair Cookie is chocolate crunch. Unsurprisingly, it has the same warm, ooey goodness from the Oreo cookie. As for the chocolate crunch coating, it’s barely crunchy and has a faint chocolate flavor. But the cookie itself is enough to make this treat a great one.

Oreo Ice Cream Bar by Good Humor: ☆☆/4

There’s something about eating an ice cream bar that makes for an enjoyable experience, and it’s not just about the consumption of ice cream. Maybe it’s the fact it brings you back to being a kid who just convinced their parent to buy them a treat from the ice cream truck. Or maybe it’s the fact you lick the popsicle stick clean to make sure you don’t waste any of the treat. Whatever it is, it definitely enhanced the experience of eating Good Humor’s Oreo ice cream bar.

The bar itself has an Oreo coating with a thin chocolate layer beneath it and vanilla ice cream inside. The ice cream has small bits of Oreo, but the Oreo flavor pretty much comes from the Oreo coating, which provides a nice contrasting crunchy texture. The ice cream itself doesn’t have much flavor. After taking a bite of the bar, you can see it has an interesting frost-like texture instead of a creamy one. But with Oreos and ice cream, you can’t keep us away from these.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich by Klondike: ☆☆☆ ½/4

The ice cream sandwich looks like an oversized Oreo, and we love it! The big Oreo cookies have the chocolaty goodness you get from an Oreo cookie, but it’s softened, which we really enjoyed. There’s a plenty of ice cream, making for a perfect ratio of ice cream to cookie. On the outside, the ice cream has Oreo bits in it, but, upon biting into it, we were disappointed to find it was straight up vanilla ice cream. But the ice cream, which would’ve benefited from more vanilla flavor, was still nice and creamy, and the big Oreo shells provide a sufficient amount of Oreo flavor.

Oreo Handi-Snacks: ☆☆☆/4

Simply put, the Oreo Handi-Snacks are deconstructed Oreos. But, instead of circular Oreo cookie shells, you get Oreo cookie sticks. Instead of standard creme filling, you get a creamy frosting, so what’s not to love? The best part of these is you can put as much creme as you want―but make sure you ration correctly so that you don’t run out before finishing the cookie sticks. These are a fun snack that’ll make you feel like a kid again, especially if you’re like us and never got to have these as kids.

Fudge-Covered Oreos: ☆☆☆/4

When we think of fudge, we automatically think rich, sweet, chocolate flavor. But these fudge-covered Oreos weren’t super sweet or rich, which we liked. The fudge that enrobes the sandwich cookies has wonderful flavor without being overly sweet, making for a nice complement to the classic Oreo.

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar by Milka: ☆☆/4

While we love chocolate and candy, this Oreo chocolate candy bar is one we can only eat in moderation. The chocolate is a good, quality milk chocolate, and the creme filling is rich and creamy, but the two together is a bit too overwhelming to have more than a piece or two at a time. The cookie pieces inside provide a nice contrasting crunch, and the candy bar could’ve used more of it to balance the richness of the chocolate and creme filling.

Oreo Microwavable Cake by Duncan Hines: ☆☆ ½/4

The first time we saw these Oreo microwavable cake cups at the grocery store, they were on sale, so we got them without question. And it’s a good thing we did, because, the next week, they were sold out.

If you want a quality cake, you’re not going to get that from any instant cake. But this cake was a good microwave cake; it was light, fluffy, airy, and moist with a nice Oreo flavor and bits of white chocolate. It also didn’t lack anything with the absence of frosting. The Oreo pieces that are provided as a topping also add a nice crunch―even after it softens a bit from the warmth of the cake.

Oreo O’s Cereal: ☆☆☆/4

Oreo O’s are great, because they allow us to start our days with Oreos without actually eating Oreos just like we did as kids. Also, something worth noting is that we don’t eat our cereal with milk, so we tried these just as is, which we feel is best anyway, so you get a better idea of the cereal’s flavor on its own.

Unlike most of the other snacks we tried for this, this crunchy cereal had more of the Oreo creme flavor than it did the chocolaty Oreo cookie flavor. We didn’t mind that but still wanted more Oreo cookie flavor. Otherwise, the frosted coating of the cereal pieces provided a nice, not-overly-sweet creme flavor that we’ll be enjoying for breakfasts to come.


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