A&A 2 - Smaller

The Adventures of Amanda and Ashley is a blog by identical twin sisters, Amanda and Ashley. They may look the same but are still two distinct people. Amanda loves pink, fashion, and gymnastics and can often be found rocking winged eyeliner and a sock bun. Meanwhile, Ashley loves basketball, doesn’t wear pink, and lives in sneakers. At their core, however, Amanda and Ashley are the same: two introverted writers who are Oxford comma advocates, love desserts, enjoy reading, fancy Broadway musicals, adore Disney,  and have big hearts.

Amanda and Ashley have been very close all their lives, and they’ve only grown closer as they’ve gotten older. They’re not just sisters; they’re best friends.

This blog was named after The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, which Amanda and Ashley frequently watched as children, often renting the different tapes from Blockbuster. This blog serves as a way for them to share their adventures and interests through words and photos.