2020 Holiday Gift Guide

We have (somewhat) jokingly wondered if we could just be professional gift shoppers/givers, because we not only love giving presents, but also because people often tell us that we’re really good at it. We are strong believers that your job should be something you truly enjoy, so why not choose gifts for a living?

For us, it’s kind of strange to believe there are people who struggle with picking out presents, because it’s innate for us. But we all have our own talents, and we want to use ours to help others.

Unfortunately, we have yet to figure out how to make the professional gift shopper concept into a reality. So, until then, we have taken it upon ourselves to help others this holiday season by creating a gift guide.

A gift guide is actually something we have wanted to make for years, but we never had the time or energy for until now. So, for our first one, we’ve compiled gift guides concerning a couple topics we, our friends, and our followers are interested in.

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Entertainment Adventures: ACE Comic Con Midwest

Two weeks ago, we went to our first comic convention, ACE Comic Con Midwest in Rosemont (right outside of Chicago). We only went for one of the three days, but we still had an unforgettable, wonderful time. Since it was our first time at any sort of convention, there was a lot to take in―literally.

First, it took a little while to find parking. We got there about two hours after the convention started at 10 AM on Sunday, October 13, so we pretty much had to drive all the way to the top of the parking garage to find a spot. Then the walk to the convention center via a walkway was much longer than we anticipated, so it honestly kind of felt like a maze. When we finally got to the first floor of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center and went inside the exhibit halls, it was overwhelming. Continue reading

Historical Adventures: Filipino American History Month

October has been officially recognized as Filipino American History Month since November 2009 when Congress passed the resolution for its recognition. But FAHM has been observed since the inaugural one in 1991. The month was established by the Filipino American National Historical Society in 1991.

October was chosen as FAHM to commemorate when Filipinos first came to the continental U.S. on October 18, 1587. The month’s purpose is to bring awareness to the ways Filipinos have contributed to American history.

In honor of FAHM, we spent October learning more about how some of our fellow Filipinos have contributed to American society through basketball, Broadway, and gymnastics―some of our biggest interests.
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