Dance Adventures: Our Favorite Male Dancers

Last week, Good Morning America host Lara Spencer became the news story instead of being the news reporter after she laughed at Prince George for taking and loving ballet. This immediately sparked outrage, especially among the dance and Broadway community and fandoms. As dance and musical theatre fans ourselves, we also found her comments to be offensive, insincere, and straight up rude. We are firm believers that dance is for everyone, so teasing boys for dancing―especially coming from a grown adult―is unacceptable.

Most of our favorite dancers are guys, so we are aware of the sheer talent and strength boys and men bring to dance. But this isn’t even about dance. This is about teasing someone for doing what they love, and that’s simply wrong, especially when you’re targeting an innocent child. Thankfully, Spencer has since apologized for her actions, and the dance community has used this as an educational moment to teach and show the world that dance is for everyone.

In light of these recent events, we want to show extra love, support, and appreciation for some of our favorite male dancers.

Max Clayton

Max is a Broadway performer who’s currently in the ensemble of Moulin Rouge! The Musical. He went to University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music and is known for his work in the Broadway revival of Gigi, Bandstand, the recent Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly!, and Pretty Woman.

How we discovered him: We first watched Max in Bandstand, and we loved his work as an ensemble member! He did a tremendous job of performing Andy Blankenbuehler’s Tony Award-winning choreography, using his movements to tell Bandstand‘s story beautifully. He’s also a perfect example of how dancers are athletes―have you seen his thighs?!

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Last night I was talking to two men in the Navy in awe of their stories. They’re here for a Fleet Week and I mentioned how @bandstandbway completely opened my eyes and changed me forever. They were bummed they didn’t get a chance to see it but I brought up that it’d be playing in theaters across the country this summer. We exchanged information and this morning they reached out to tell me they had purchased 10 tickets and will be watching from the west coast with their brothers. I can’t wait for them to see their stories told through the genius that is the #bossman @ablankenbuehler 🇺🇸I miss this so much @jaimeverazin #MemorialDay #welcomehome (This is a rehearsal run and is not official footage)

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Man Crush Monday: Corey Cott

In our Man Crush Monday series, we will feature a man whom we are fans of and admire. In our first installment, we’re featuring one of our favorite Broadway performers, Corey Cott.

Who is our MCM?

Corey Cott is an American actor and singer from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, who is best known for portraying Jack Kelly in Disney’s Newsies the Musical on Broadway.

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Santa Fe from my Broadway Debut.

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After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in spring 2012, he joined Newsies as the Jack Kelly alternate and, in September, replaced Jeremy Jordan, Broadway’s original Jack Kelly. Corey remained in the role until Newsies closed on Broadway in August 2014.

Corey is also known for originating the role of Donny Novitski, a pianist/songwriter and World War II veteran, in Bandstand on Broadway, which opened in April 2017 and closed in September 2017. To portray Donny more authentically, he even learned to play piano for the show’s Broadway run.

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Broadway Adventures: Our Favorite Broadway Princess Party Performances

Once upon a time in Midtown Manhattan, Princess Laura Osnes and her Fairy Godfairy Ben Rauhala invited their royal friends to gather and sing princess songs, celebrating the inaugural Broadway Princess Party. Little did they know they had just created a magical event that would bring them new adventures and a growing Princess Posse.

In the four years since that evening, the Princess Posse has ventured outside of New York, bringing magic to places all across the country.

Adam Jacobs (Broadway’s original Aladdin), Courtney Reed (Broadway’s original Princess Jasmine), Susan Egan (Broadway’s original Belle), Ashley, Amanda, Laura Osnes (Broadway’s original Cinderella), and Ben Rauhala (Fairy Godfairy)

We had the honor of attending a Broadway Princess Party last year in Schaumburg, Illinois, at Princess Courtney Reed’s homecoming show. Since then, our love for BPP and its royal family has only grown. We often find ourselves reminiscing about our experience with the show and enjoy watching the various BPP performances posted online.

In honor of BPP’s royal anniversary, we’re recalling some of our favorite performances.

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Courtney Reed

In our Woman Crush Wednesday series, we will feature a woman whom we are fans of and admire. In our first installment, we’re featuring Broadway actress Courtney Reed, who recently celebrated her birthday!

Who is our WCW?

Courtney Reed is an American actress, singer, and dancer best known for originating the role of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin the Musical on Broadway. She was Jasmine on Broadway from February 2014 to  January 2018 and had been in the role since its initial staging in Seattle in 2011. Before Aladdin, she made her Broadway debut as an the ensemble member and understudy in Mamma Mia!. She later took on the roles of Carla, Nina, and Vanessa in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. Continue reading

Broadway Adventures: Trouble and Trombone Dreams at ‘The Music Man’

Amanda and Ashley in front of the Goodman Theatre's "The Music Man" photo backdrop

Not long ago, the only things we really knew about The Music Man was the song “76 Trombones” and that its story centered around a con-artist traveling salesman. We had never heard “76 Trombones” in full, and we had never watched the movie either. But when we learned that Geoff Packard (who would get to continue the trombone dreams—more on this later) would be starring in The Music Man at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, we were sold and decided to finally see what the show had to offer.

We first watched Geoff perform two years ago when he portrayed Wayne Wright in the Broadway musical BandstandBandstand is one of our all-time favorite musicals, and Geoff did a tremendous job in the show. Knowing this, we didn’t want to miss out on what would surely be another great performance by him, nor did we want to miss out on an opportunity to support him while he’d be in our area.

Goodman’s production of the show began previews in late June, opened in July, and had its run extended TWICE. We chose to go Tuesday, August 6—just days after its original closing date of August 4. Continue reading