Broadway Adventures: Trouble and Trombone Dreams at ‘The Music Man’

Amanda and Ashley in front of the Goodman Theatre's "The Music Man" photo backdrop

Not long ago, the only things we really knew about The Music Man was the song “76 Trombones” and that its story centered around a con-artist traveling salesman. We had never heard “76 Trombones” in full, and we had never watched the movie either. But when we learned that Geoff Packard (who would get to continue the trombone dreams—more on this later) would be starring in The Music Man at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, we were sold and decided to finally see what the show had to offer.

We first watched Geoff perform two years ago when he portrayed Wayne Wright in the Broadway musical BandstandBandstand is one of our all-time favorite musicals, and Geoff did a tremendous job in the show. Knowing this, we didn’t want to miss out on what would surely be another great performance by him, nor did we want to miss out on an opportunity to support him while he’d be in our area.

Goodman’s production of the show began previews in late June, opened in July, and had its run extended TWICE. We chose to go Tuesday, August 6—just days after its original closing date of August 4. Continue reading


Our Adventures of May 2019

May has been the most eventful month of 2019 so far with three trips to the opera house, four trips to the movies, a trip to the theater, and more.

West Side Story at Lyric Opera of Chicago

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Broadway Adventures: How Lyric Opera Made Us Say ‘Te Adoro, West Side Story’

Ashley and Amanda at Lyric Opera of Chicago for West Side Story

In middle school, we were obsessed with High School Musical. We bought all the magazines, every edition of all the movies, got all the soundtracks, and made our mom buy us all the shirts. We learned the songs and could sing them by heart. We learned the dance moves and would perform them as the movie played. It was the first time we loved a musical. But, despite our love for the High School Musical trilogy, we surprisingly didn’t develop an interest in musical theatre because of it.

It wasn’t until 2011 that we first became a fan of a non-Disney musical/movie musical, West Side Story. In season three of Glee, West Side Story was the musical being performed on the show, so we were exposed to the show’s basics and some of its songs. Sometime after that, our brother bought Amanda a DVD of the West Side Story movie, so we got to fully experience that story. It was cool to hear the songs in the context of the show’s narrative instead of song covers in the context of Glee’s storylines. A few years later, we had expressed an interest in seeing a live production of the show when the national tour returned to Chicago, but it never became a reality. Instead, nearly a decade would pass until we got to see a live production of the show.

On May 2, we saw our first live production of West Side Story when we were invited by Lyric Opera of Chicago to attend the final dress rehearsal as social media insiders for their production of the iconic musical. We had been waiting for this production for over a year and were thrilled to finally see the show live—especially considering our relatively newfound love for Broadway musicals. (It only took us a decade to finally realize how great musical theatre is, but better late than never, right?)

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Our Adventures of November 2018

November turned out to be one of the most eventful months of 2018 for us, which was a nice surprise. Usually November is just Thanksgiving and awaiting the end of the semester, but now that we’ve finished school and have more free time, we got to spend last month watching musicals, movies, and trying new foods.

Hello, Dolly!

At the start of November, we watched the national tour production of the Hello, Dolly! revival. We didn’t know much about the show going into it but heard good things, and we ended up really enjoying it―so much that we saw it twice! The revival of this classic musical is really well done and allowed us to see two of our favorite Broadway performers, Julian DeGuzman and Jess LeProtto, whom we met afterward (both times)! The second time we met Julian at the stage door, we got to talk to Julian about being Filipino, Filipino food, and Miss Saigon―a show known to have many Filipinos in its cast. To read more about our experience at Hello, Dolly!, check out our blog post about it.
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