Dance Adventures: Our Favorite Routines from World of Dance Season 3

It’s been a few weeks since season three of NBC’s World of Dance ended and crowned a new winner, and in that time, we’ve finally been able to choose our 10 favorite dances from this past season. Narrowing it down to 10 routines was by no means an easy process because of the immense talent that was on this season, but we were able to choose a good variety of styles and refrained from picking more than one routine from any act! Continue reading


Dance Adventures: Our Favorite Routines from Summer 2018

Summer has become the time where dance shows dominate our TVs, giving us plenty of routines to watch. We’ve watched So You Think You Can Dance for over a decade, so our summers have been often occupied with watching dance. But with World of Dance‘s growing popularity and a newfound interest in regularly watching YouTube videos of dance classes―particularly those at Millennium Dance Complex Los Angeles―this summer has been filled with more dance than any other.

With the plethora of dances we’ve watched, it was difficult to narrow down our favorite ones from the summer. But with tremendous technique, storytelling, and performance quality, these stood out among the rest.

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