Entertainment Adventures: Five Feet Apart – Book vs. Movie

When we first saw the trailer for Five Feet Apart and proceeded to see lots of TV spots for the movie, we were intrigued by story. However, we knew it was based on a book and, as bookworms, wanted to read that first before watching the movie.  Now that we’ve finished reading the novel and seeing the film, we’re comparing the two to see how they stack up.


Book: Obviously the book allows for a more developed story that includes smaller storylines and conflicts that contribute to the main plot and conflict.  So in addition to the problem of Will and Stella not being able to have a normal romantic relationship because of their cystic fibrosis, the reader sees how other storylines, like Stella’s parents’ divorce, affect the central one. Because of that, the story is deeper and more complex, providing internal and external conflicts. The story also has good pacing and timing and nothing really felt rushed or too drawn out.

Movie: The movie puts lots of focus on central conflict of Will and Stella’s cystic fibrosis-affected relationship and doesn’t really incorporate any of the other, smaller storylines that were in the book. It simply hinted at them, like Stella’s parents’ divorce and how that affects her and Will’s rocky relationship with his mother.  Because it’s a movie and things generally need to happen faster, the movie has pretty quick pacing and story progression.

Our Preference: Book

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