Food Adventures: Oreo Snacks Taste Taste

When it comes to snacks and sweets, we have always been partial to Oreos. Cookies and cream has always been a go-to ice cream flavor, and Oreo products are always a must-have.

Interestingly enough, while we’re always up for a classic Oreo cookie, we prefer to have Oreos as a featured component in other snacks. We love making Oreo cupcakes, toss Oreos in brownie batter before baking it, and have even put Oreo pieces in our pancakes. When we find out about a new Oreo snack product, like Oreo churros, we make it our mission to find and try that snack. When we found out that Disneyland has cookies and cream bread pudding at Disney California Adventure, we found a recipe for it and made some for ourselves.

With such a love for an iconic sweet treat, we’re celebrating National Oreo Cookie Day with this taste test of as many Oreo snacks as we could find (and afford). Continue reading


Our Adventures of November 2018

November turned out to be one of the most eventful months of 2018 for us, which was a nice surprise. Usually November is just Thanksgiving and awaiting the end of the semester, but now that we’ve finished school and have more free time, we got to spend last month watching musicals, movies, and trying new foods.

Hello, Dolly!

At the start of November, we watched the national tour production of the Hello, Dolly! revival. We didn’t know much about the show going into it but heard good things, and we ended up really enjoying it―so much that we saw it twice! The revival of this classic musical is really well done and allowed us to see two of our favorite Broadway performers, Julian DeGuzman and Jess LeProtto, whom we met afterward (both times)! The second time we met Julian at the stage door, we got to talk to Julian about being Filipino, Filipino food, and Miss Saigon―a show known to have many Filipinos in its cast. To read more about our experience at Hello, Dolly!, check out our blog post about it.
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Our Adventures of October 2018

Having a birthday in October, we always look forward to the fall month. But, this year, October was an especially good month. From finally getting to be in the room where it happens to exploring new places, October was the most eventful month of 2018 so far!

Hamilton Chicago

We watched the Saturday, October 6 matinee of the Chicago production of the Tony award-winning musical Hamilton. Our mom bought us tickets in May when the new block of tickets went on sale. We decided to go to in October as an early birthday celebration (our birthday is on October 8).

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